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some people in the United States to back their calls (for China to be labeled a currency manipulator) by citing China's trade surplus and U.S. deficit and the U.S. recovery need

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o upgrade the country's existing nuclear stockpile. Obama also said he had invited congressional leaders from both parties to the White House on Nov. 18 to discuss what could be d

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ho led in the opinion polls before Sunday's vote, advocates political change and is seen as a strong contender against Chavez. "This is not about changing the president, it is abou

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d recently that there was no avoiding the reality that more Americans would have to fight and die to defend the country. Graham was the ninth Republican candidate to formally anno

10 Health Benefits: What Secrets Do Watermelons Keep?

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ry General Ban Ki-moon last week said Haiti "has made significant progress since the earthquake" and recommended reducing the number of military forces in Minustah to 1,600 from

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that an air war is politically safe. In Syria, the Obama administration wants to kill two birds with one stone: the ouster of Syrian President Bashar Assad and the defeat of the

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11 (Xinhua) -- Latin American leaders Saturday were united and outspoken in criticizing U.S. sanctions against Cuba and Venezuela as outdated measures reminiscent of the Cold War

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g happened at a townhouse in southwest Houston early Sunday, and police who arrived later at the scene found the body of a young man, the Houston Chronicle website reported. Neighb

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ut 600 participants, including business leaders of big companies from around the world and 170 Colombian companies. According to the WEF, the number of participants registered to a

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and flight arrangements would be established soon. The task force consists of Los Angeles County Fire Department firefighters and paramedic rescue specialists, emergency room phy

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es taken to protect the watersheds, a local specialist said here Tuesday. According to engineer Arsenio Renda from the Forest Research Institute, the forest fringes are being incre

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