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horn in the side of relations between the two sides, and the Obama administration has called it an obstacle to peace. The moratorium is slated to expire later this month. In answer


ano Jose Pedraza and Dutch Ambassador Norbertus Braakhuis. The Minrex said the document marks an advance in bilateral relations and shows both countries' interest in developing an.


ons' interest," it said. Related: China opposes U.S. consultation request over alleged auto subsidies BEIJING, Sept. 18 (Xinhua) -- The Ministry of Commerce announced late Tuesday t.


sectors," the White House said on Monday. "The current export control system is overly complicated, contains too many redundancies, and, in trying to protect too much, diminishes .


y, the biggest reshuffle of the country's military leadership since last November, official sources said. According to information reaching here from Asuncion, Paraguay's capital,.

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performed. On Tuesday, Chavez announced he will undergo a new round of surgery as part of ongoing cancer treatment. He confirmed earlier this week that his Cuban doctors had detect.

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in. Brazilian President called an emergency meeting to discuss new revelations about U.S. spying. ?New revelations disclosed NSA spied on Rousseff's communications with high gove.

alth of Bogota's population." BOGOTA, May 17 (Xinhua) -- Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos on Friday expressed his intention for another term, although his official decision.

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